Magirus-Deutz Hungarocamion skin

Magirus-Deutz Hungarocamion skin.
*Put ABOVE Magirus-Deutz skins file-or better remove skins file and put this one .
p.s. If author of this fantastic truck read this ,only one small error ,no wipers visible from outside,not a critic just small improvement to make it perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

Truck:Ventyres โ€“ 3D Model
Alang7 โ€“ Textures
Kriechbaum โ€“ Sound
Peerke145 โ€“ Conversion
HR1509 โ€“ 3 Additional Skins
Skin: Grave


2 thoughts on “Magirus-Deutz Hungarocamion skin

  1. Are those wheels included? If not where can I get them from? Thanks

    About the wipers you can contact the moder of the truck on Facebook.. In his post he said if people have requests about parts they can contact him

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