Changelog V3.2
-New 6×2 BDF Chassis in 2 variants (steered and non steered axle)
-New Daycab Version
-New Rim Models added
-Bullbars added
-Beacons added
-Interior changes if you buy chassis with liftaxle
-5th Wheel looks used
-Different Exhaust Types for Daycab Tractors
-Sisl sii files are now included
-Human Passengers (Seat Addon) are now belted automatic when buying them
-Tilt BDF Boxes for Truck and Trailer
-Dumper Trailer
-20ft Container Trailer

This is a Standalone Truck and you can buy it at Iveco Dealers.

This Mod Includes:
– 4×2 6×2/4 and 6×4 Tractor Chassis.
– 4×2 Rigid Chassis including a Tilt Body and a Dryvan Body.
– 6×2 BDF Chassis including different swapbodies.
– 2 Different Cab Types
– 3 Axle Blumhardt Ownable Trailer for the Rigid Version

including a Tilt Body and a Dryvan Body.
– 2 Axle Blumhardt Ownable Semitrailer with Tilt and Dryvan Body
– 2 Axle Blumhardt Ownable BDF Trailer with different Swapbodies
– Much more Accesorys for Exterior.
– New Interior Look Exclusive.
– Dummys for Interior Addons.
– Now More Interior Acc´s available
– Changeable Steering Wheels
– Different Skins
– 4 Different Authentic Engines: 256,310, 340 and 360 HP
– Authentic Gearboxes
– Original Sound of the Legendary Air Cooled Deutz Engines in V8 and V12
– and many many more….

Ventyres – 3D Model
Alang7 – Textures
Kriechbaum – Sound
Peerke145 – Base Conversion
HR1509 – 3 Additional Skins
Sebastian7870 – BDF Parts (Legs,Locks)



  1. so big file is there way to reduce files sizes

  2. seth_haveron

    wow the 3.1 version was bad but this one is even worse ….
    do you guys even know something called “Quality Check”???

    the mats. are ###### up
    the shadows are ######
    the reflection values are ###### up
    parts are ###### up or just disappear

    and if you allready steal parts form other moder make at least sure they work.

    3,3 GB wasted space for a mod of a low quality with more bugs and flaws then any Turkish paymod.

    the only good thing i hear is the sound but thats about it.

    the very first Magirus standalone was the best .. this one is just the worst.

    1. No one stole anything from anyone.’ some modders quit others decided to keep updating the mod. That’s it

  3. Great truck, only with some sound issues. Here is my 4K movie off it 🙂


    ihr solltet mal eure console nutzen um zu sehen wie im arsch der hobel ist

  5. i really like this one! but is there a way to get rid of the curtains? and maybe add interior light and a darker interior. Thats all overall nice mod the file is pretty big tho.

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