Magirus Deutz TransEuropa MegaPack v3.4 [1.48.5]

Version 3.4:
– Adaptation for 1.48.5.x.x
– Fixed mod strings

This Mod Includes:
4×2 6×2/4 and 6×4 Tractor Chassis.
4×2 Rigid Chassis including a Tilt Body and a Dryvan Body.
6×2 BDF Chassis including different swapbodies.
2 Different Cab Types
3 Axle Blumhardt Ownable Trailer for the Rigid Version
including a Tilt Body and a Dryvan Body.
2 Axle Blumhardt Ownable Semitrailer with Tilt and Dryvan Body
2 Axle Blumhardt Ownable BDF Trailer with different Swapbodies
Much more Accesorys for Exterior.
New Interior Look Exclusive.
Dummys for Interior Addons.
Now More Interior Acc´s available
Changeable Steering Wheels
Different Skins
4 Different Authentic Engines: 256,310, 340 and 360 HP
Authentic Gearboxes
Original Sound of the Legendary Air Cooled Deutz Engines in V8 and V12
Buy in Iveco or Mod Dealers

Ventyres, Alang7, Kriechbaum, Peerke145, HR1509, Sebastian7870


6 thoughts on “Magirus Deutz TransEuropa MegaPack v3.4 [1.48.5]

  1. there is no engine sound.

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      tires trailer and chassis pink yet fix pls

    2. Richard Bakker

      Close the game

      Start up and activate this

      Works fine here!!!

  2. is it actually fixed? the reflection problems?

  3. truckerkaiel

    Kein Motorgeräusch und Hupe. Auch nach Neustart keine Reaktion.

  4. My 4K movie of this truck 🙂

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