Malcolm Construction Scania R560


Malcolm Construction for Tyler S.
Wheels by Freddy is included in the rar file.
This scs replace the old Real life scania skin pack, if you have that
in your mod folder, all the old skin is still in this pack.
File is not locked, so just steal it and take credit for my work đŸ™‚

Authors: Per_DK, ets2skins


5 Responses to Malcolm Construction Scania R560

  1. Sarkissian says:

    *Stealing mode engaged*

  2. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Nice work Per, another real great skin!

    @ Sarcasticdiggian (choose another name!) why don’t You report abuse than? That are the rules and You can find the icon on the rightside of this page,



  3. jesper says:

    …aresome work…again…thanks per…

  4. ur mommy! says:


  5. NitroUK says:

    Many thanks for the great looking skin

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