Malmberg Skin For RJL Tandem Scania by Capital


Right this is the skin for the Malmberg RJL Tandem Scania By Capital_Logistics,along with the Tandem mod by Flemming V which has the cooliner boxes in Malmberg colours aswell.So all the files you need will be hope you enjoy it,if you decide to share it anywere on other sites make sure you give credit.

If you want a skin of your own then please contact me on the facebook page.

Pauly,Flemming V,RJL and Capital_Logistics

DOWNLOAD 477 MB tandems

21 thoughts on “Malmberg Skin For RJL Tandem Scania by Capital

  1. AWESOME! I’ve been waiting for this for years!

    Btw, how did you get those purple lights on the lightbar?

    Cheers mate! CHEERS! I cannot express how grateful I am for you for making this!

    1. Shigure89

      Purple LED’s are with RJL’s truck, and the bars are from “Scania Tuning mods Necromancy Edition v4.0”

      Quite a ###### mod title but that’s what we get.

  2. the lights are off one of the many tuning mods i have in my game mate god knows which one lol 🙂 thank you for the kind words

  3. Thank YOU for this amazing skin and mod! Christmas came early! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!

  4. IS there a way to make the skin show up for tandem trailers?

  5. Beautifull truck . Can you share those wheels ?

  6. Greetings

    I agree with Griffin awsome skin and mod bro.
    I have one question can i use this mod and skin with other mod skins for RLJ trucks?

      1. Tnx for answer Pauly.

  7. hey

    can you make the dalafrakt skin there is one for rjl but dat wil not paint the box

    1. Just pop along to the facebook page mate and put the request in an i will have a look for ya.

  8. Trucker Melli

    perfect 99% thank you! 100% when anyone can build a nice lightbox for this king!! thank`s a lot

  9. Is the interior and light bar priviate?

  10. work on multiplayer?

  11. I don’t know why is deleting my posts about help from skins by the author for Necromancy f%$k

  12. trailers dont work correctly… they have some black laggy #### around them and that make impossible to drive

  13. Hello!! does this work whit the lates update one ETS2 becuse i can’t driver or use it at all please please fix this 😀

    1. Are you using the RJL truck or the SCS one?

  14. This is Great Truck i drive it now.. thx for a great mod and skin 😛

  15. Capital,

    On my pc I have a issue in truck’s skin since v1.4.1

    can update?

  16. ricotikko

    does this have the trailer ?

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