Mammut 3 axle


Hempam group
Replace: brick_trailer

Moslem baraghoosh


8 Responses to Mammut 3 axle

  1. Mixer66 says:

    the truck in the photo is a Mack r600?

  2. DC-David says:

    Thanks, looks good!

  3. musavi_1376(ehsan musavi) says:

    Our team is working hard on Mack R600 Mod
    it has interior+animations+100 upgrades and high quality model and material and textures.
    we hope it comes two weeks later.
    tnx for your comments.

  4. @dr_jaymz says:

    nice mack but its me or the trucks wheels are too big?

    • musavi_1376(ehsan musavi) says:

      you can choose any rims and wheels in upgrade
      Follow us on Instagram: @hempamgroup

  5. JESAN says:

    24 inch rims in Iran of course !
    That’s why they look so big but it’s like that for real

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