Mammut Trailer

Mammut-1 Mammut-2 Mammut-3

Mammut Trailer change log from 1.18 to

– Wheels
_ Lightmask
_ AO texture
_ Available in Traffic
_ Mod Manager ready

3d model:Mahdi-k!ng
Special Thanks To :


3 Responses to Mammut Trailer

  1. kent76 says:

    Nice trailer but bad cargo…

  2. hamsey says:

    Hello ;first of all i wanna say thank you To making diffirent trailer.
    I’m searching a long time while other diffirent trailer and finally i found something. but I have a small suggestion. If you make middle Asia trailer you can use 2 axle. Perhaps it can stand more varied on game .

    I wish you good work

    Keep up safe

  3. Mahdi_k!ng says:

    I am very grateful for the trailer coupling and I am encouraged that I was made I wish you success.

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