Mammut Trailer by Hempam Group v 2.0

Mammut Trailer-1 Mammut Trailer-2 Mammut Trailer-3

Tested on 1.18

Author: bgm.baha2r


One Response to Mammut Trailer by Hempam Group v 2.0

  1. Faelandaea says:

    “The archive is in an unknown format or damaged”.

    You made this a “.65” extension, not a rar or zip. “rar” is in the file-name, so I tried the obvious, deleting the not needed “.patch.61.65” from the file-name (which that stuff should always be BEFORE the extension, not after it) and then it appears as a RAR file, but still throws the same error.

    Anyone know what format this really is? Had no luck trying it as .scs, .7z, .zip so far.

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