MAN 26.372


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this truck is made with blender..i spend a lot of hours to made it…please do not re-upload this mod ….it has 3 cabin that you select the xl also it has 4 chassis that you select 6×4 has interior ,wheels ….this is the first version this version the backlights is not working (brakes,blikers,parking)…you must paint the truck yellow to have the same color with the same accesories !!!! have fun with truck!!! the second version will be private !! also it have lights on the crane …the crane it has own engine but it doesn’t workkkkk!…..please unzip the rar to take the scs…!



5 thoughts on “MAN 26.372

  1. Video Test on my Youtube Channel

  2. Thank you very much for the video … must paint the truck yellow to have the same color with same accessories.. .thank you very muchhhhh!!!!!

  3. Nice 🙂

  4. thank you very much!

  5. EuroTruckgamer

    Very good job!! If you change the sound it will be perfect!! 🙂 Thank Your

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