MAN Euro 6 Agrar Beta V0.1


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Hello everyone.
Today I m sharing MAN Euro 6 Agrar version.First mod is beta now.

Mod have:
->3 cab selection
->Chassis selections
->A lot ot modification
->Realistic interior
->Realistic truck model
->and others…

DON’T REUPLOAD.Share original link only.

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10 thoughts on “MAN Euro 6 Agrar Beta V0.1

  1. RhastalordTV
  2. I can’t remember… Did I let you use my interior?

    1. all in all, no one can do a TGX better than you MADster.

    2. I tried you contact with scs forum.But i can’t reach you.
      If it is a problem i can remove the mod.It s your selection.But mod was kept.All of them like it.

    3. Contact me here please: [email protected]
      send me a hello message.

      I tried to contact you in a forum but i can’t send you pm.
      Mod is so good as you can see.Noone can do interior better than you.
      Sorry its my bad sorry. If you say remove i can remove this topic it is your selection.
      But please contact me quickly

      1. Keep it, but next time ask. You can add a reply on one of my SCS forum if it’s an emergency

        or a pm on flickr:[email protected]/

  3. Poor made

    1. Yeah you can do it better man ;/

  4. Am I need just to enable this mod in ETS 2 or i at 1st need to download origina; MADster MAN E6 mod and than enable this?

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