MAN Euro 6 v 2.1

MAN-Euro-6-v-2.1-1 MAN-Euro-6-v-2.1-2

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Standalone Truck with Paintable Bullbar (dds open) and little Addons

Authors: Vinzel, SCS, MrGermanTruck, ModersTeamPoland, Kyto


8 Responses to MAN Euro 6 v 2.1

  1. Marko says:

    More addons please like sideskirt bullbars

  2. luk says:

    Front mirror?

  3. John Connor says:

    does it have more than 1 chassis?

  4. nathan says:

    bsr le mods il px marcher sur la V 1.10.1

  5. Tyson13 says:

    Link for light mods please ?? much appreciated if you can tell me where to find it ?

  6. car100216 says:

    that’s all? 160MB???

  7. The_Driver says:

    Video MAN Euro 6 Full HD

  8. Dado says:

    Why nobody enable the damn foglights?

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