MAN Euro 6 v 3.1

MAN-Euro-6-v-3.1-1 MAN-Euro-6-v-3.1-2

New in 3.1 version:
– New Ladder and Broom
– The shining cross on the inside and outside
– New Beacon
– Lightning Driverplate

Authors: SCS, Danz, Mr.Green, Ostry, Tomson, Vlasta


15 thoughts on “MAN Euro 6 v 3.1

  1. horn crahs 🙁

  2. Subliminal

    Religious freaks… stick you cross in your a$$!

  3. He edit my MAN Euro6 mod
    Link here

    1. truckman44

      Yes HomerS is right it is his mod link: http: //
      PS: Man euro 6 in 1.3 falls game. And now for a little bug skins, wheels and bug BDF

  4. Scania Lover

    When are you going to add the side skirts to the truck?

      1. renaultforever

        I saw the V 3.0 Variant but its not like this one.

  5. AlexCrazy

    3.1? Why archive named MANeuro6v2.4?

  6. not download this link. its a fake! a big joke is this.

  7. no download this link. its a fake! a big joke is this.

  8. Sarkissian

    Fix those God #### tires and remove the cross from the truck or put it as an option but don’t force your religion on everyone!

  9. renaultforever

    what a #### is this?

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