MAN Euro6 Update v1.14


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MAN Euro6 STANDALONE TRUCK for Version 1.14.x
3 types cabin (xl,xlx,xxl)
4 types chassis (4×2,6×2,6x2_4,tandem)
All types sunvisor
All types bottom,roof,frontgrill
All types doorstep
All types doorhandle
All types mirror (side,front)
2 types tandem (sail,container)
2 types tandem trailer (sail,container)
All types interior
EU,UK interior visible from exterior

SCS, Danz, Mr.Green, Ostry, Tomson, Vlasta


7 thoughts on “MAN Euro6 Update v1.14

  1. can i get that trailer my dad works for ThermoTraffic

  2. Scania Truck

    Why didn’t you add any sideskirt to this version? Add sideskirts to all chassis, please! Every truck without sideskirts looks awful! 😛 Cheers

  3. Download link is already not working, maybe upload with sharemods or mediafire.

  4. MAN Euro6 Update v1.14 HD Video

  5. no foglights

  6. this is my mod for 1.13 version

  7. this mod is not working with me, I have the latest version of ETS2
    when I activate this mod it takes me loads
    how can I solve this?

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