MAN F2000 19.414

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MAN F2000 19.414

* Standalone truck
* 3 cabin different
* 6 chassis different
* Own interior
* Compatibility with Cabin Accessories DLC
* Compatibility with Mod Manager

New improvements in update:

* Updated for version 1.27
* Added two more chassis
* Added some outsider accessories
* Added some interiors accessories
* Compatible with seat settings
* Fixed the errors of the interior animations
* Added two-speed wipers
* Added truck browser
* Added more colors different to the paints
* Fixed wheels
* Updated internal files
* Deleted unnecessary files

Tested on version 1.27.x

Weeda 88, vovangt4, ETS2Reload


14 thoughts on “MAN F2000 19.414

  1. Fake, old mod

    1. Maverick1

      No fake, it works fine, great truck. Thanks to the authors of the mod

  2. doexpectnothing

    Really a fake mod? There are 80 edited files in it. from 12.04.2017 to 13.04.2017 many sii, mat and some tobj files.

    1. doexpectnothing

      After driving this MAN i’ve to say that is not perfect. Many dials at the dashboard don’t work. Some trailers don’t fit. The cabin does move forward at corners and somebody has stolen the spare tyre. 😉

  3. it’s hard to maintain a mod thats been around for years, not expecting miracles from this one

    1. MREnglishGamer

      For anyone who wants to watch my test video, here is the link, or goto my youtube channel MR English Gamer. Link

  4. MREnglishGamer

    Test Video on my youtube channel- MR English Gamer-

  5. Like how you added DLC accessories and a few modification options but game crashed when i tried to buy it ):

  6. JNR-SNRSenior

    Hi Guys, Thought I would share a link to the JNR-SNR gaming mod review. Thanks.

  7. is there a template for this truck?, great mod btw but would be great if u can paint the plastic bits

    1. +1 Template please

  8. 10.4.98

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