MAN F2000


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So, people ask me for this mod, and it’s time to share this with all players. So enjoy.
Now some information:
-Version is 1.15 and older
-High quality details
-Replace All types of MAN trucks
-Tunable Cabin types
-Some types of chassis
-Changeable color
-Much types of engines types
So, enjoy this!

Rantkel, Markus


5 thoughts on “MAN F2000

  1. Can you give the passwort, pleace. I don’t need to replace all slots of MAN TGX.Also, i’ll change the sounds. Tnx

  2. Eighty-VI


  3. Looks nice.. but replaces all other MAN? This is not so good, a standalone would be better.

  4. tyrannix2342

    convert is old patch !!!!!!

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