MAN F2000 414 Comandor [1.35.X]

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* Standalone
* Dealer DAF
* Tuning
* Accessories
* Cable support

Alexander Gavrilin


12 Responses to MAN F2000 414 Comandor [1.35.X]

  1. PolishDriverTruck says:

    Video Test 1.35…

  2. jayontheway228 says:

    Man f2000 или DAF 105 ?

  3. Ivan says:


    • Theosz says:


      *.rar and *.zip can compress or just store one or multiple files.
      *.scs files are kind stored files, so to open using winrar or 7zip just rename THE extension .scs to .rar.
      when add file remember to change de type to ‘stored files’ because it is better despite ETS2 recognize compress but need to process them
      Attention: it is possible put .rar and .zip files into mod folder but is mandatory that be a true .scs file (the recomended extension to avoid confusion)… that have manifest.sii, def folder or model folder and so on

  4. Zuputo says:

    Diese mod ist absoluter Müll Viele Fehler und Warnings

  5. jeffjam94 says:

    the outside looks good. this is one of the better ones.

    But the interior still needs a update.
    This interior has been around for so long, and in so many different styles.
    Yet nobody fixed the gauges over the years

  6. GDTFred60 says:

    Bonsoir, pourquoi le mettre en vente chez DAF alors qu’il y a un revendeur MAN ?

  7. I like truck says:

    Very bad mod?. I can’t see the man f2000 truck at the man dealer?

    • Asyedan says:

      Did you check at the “Modded trucks dealer”? In 1.35 there is a separate dealership for all mod trucks, and some trucks will only appear there.

  8. Atec says:

    Wipers work, but no effect in the rain.thumbs down

  9. Atec says:

    Cabin inside view too bright

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