MAN F2000

MAN F2000

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MAN F2000 Truck
Tested version: v1.18.1s

Authors: Skorohodova_96 NewTon. Anaheim. fastalex A.Zvonov


5 thoughts on “MAN F2000

  1. Goktugmen

    The wheel position is not right which causes a higher view than normal in interior if you can just adjust it to right position the mod will be perfect.

    You can recognize what I’m saying when you stop next to a truck F’2000’s driver seat is lower than others because of the design but you didnt adjust it rigt.


    Why did you just make this useful???
    Why these ###### Curtains
    Why did you put licence plate to that ###### place??
    How did you manage to make flying wipers??? Yes, i saw them on the last seconds on your ###### video… You showed it us by mistake…
    So please test these “things” REALLY before release!!!!

  3. moda za remarketo moje li


    Where i can find it ?

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