MAN F2000 H.Essers Skin


Works only whit: MAN F2000 19.604 8×4 Version 1.0.2

Please respect the download link! You can upload this file on other sites whit the original link, leave credits.

Have fun -GRENZFAHRER2014



3 Responses to MAN F2000 H.Essers Skin

  1. Driverstein says:

    only works on 8×4 showing us a thumbnail of 4×2?
    And what is the sense of havind a H.Essers skin on a 8×4 truck?
    They are more used on 4×2….

    • GRENZFAHRER2014 says:

      Thats the Mod that you need and so its called from the author. And as you can see you can choose other chassis. Next time check before saying something…

      • Driverstein says:

        From this:

        Works only whit: MAN F2000 19.604 8×4 Version 1.0.2

        in the description,i understand only works with 8×4….
        Next time you should check the description of the mods you post!
        Nice skin!

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