MAN F2000 + Sound fix, physics etc.


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This is a sound mod for the MAN F2000.

It also works for “MAN F90 by Standa”, “MAN F2000 by Mr.Green,
DieselRocker, Groove, Kirill73rus”, “MAN F2000 by Chech, Indomable”,
“MAN F2000 by maz_man™” and stantard MAN TGX ant those who replace

It works for game version 1.9.22, if u wanna play on dont
activate physics.scs.
Just extract scs file and put it into ETS2 mod folder and don’t forget
to activate

oh i forgot, if the sound doesnt work, go to my documents\eurotruck
simulator 2\mod and open the scs of your truck where u wanna have this
sound, with winrar etc… and delete all folders and stuff that called
“sound” also the defs, after that close winrar and start the game

MetalcoreTrucker91(watchya dupenner), maz_man tm for base truck,
Volidas, Kriechbaum, Mrtheflashback, SCS

DOWNLOAD 43 MB truck
DOWNLOAD 2.6 MB sounds

16 thoughts on “MAN F2000 + Sound fix, physics etc.

  1. πολυ καλο μπραβο θα ηθελα κ το man.19.422 με το τετραγωνο φαναρι φιλε βολιδα παρα πολυ καλο κ παλι μπραβο

    1. niko exeis n proteineis kanena kalo mod ?

  2. for me, replace all man and has a lot of bugs

  3. not good, replace all man trucks, has A LOT of bugs, not worthy

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      say which bugs and i fix it -.-

  4. tyrannix2342

    Nothing interesting this MAN. Big drop in FPS!The sound of a well made the rest very poor

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      then make it next time on ure own. but then i i will see a perfect on without any failures, shithead!!!!


    yes big drop fps, you can see in this video*

  6. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Good job! It looks good.
    And to everyone complaining, if it’s so bad in your opinion, make one better yourself.

  7. MetalcoreTrucker91

    fixes follows. but need some more time ….

  8. Fr3[Ghost]2K14

    Please fix the bug on dashborad

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      mean the incorrect position of tacho needle ????
      is not easy to edit animations …

      1. usr_markus

        It actually is.

  9. I can’t understand something… you’re showing a video with sound mod for F2000, but you start a music in the same time?!

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      but you can here the sound, watch the other other video in my yt channel, the only thing that i has changed was the fadeout at 2000rpm

  10. First of all i would like to say thank you for uploading this mod and secondly i would like to address all of you who do nothing but complain and complain. It’s very rude to behave that way, show some respect for the modder instead of just complaining and whining about the wrong doings. Criticism is a good thing but please keep in mind that there’s more to life than negative criticism. If you find an error/bug or several errors/bugs then just provide the modder with the info necessary for him or her to correct those errors and stop whining. Good job MetalcoreTrucker91, keep them coming 😉

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