MAN F2000 v 1.2

MAN-F2000-1 MAN-F2000-2

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Truck Man F2000 v 1.2 performance Modification.

Is registered in a separate slot, the motor show MAP
Your sounds
Your interior
Prescribed color metallic
No tuning
No its wheels

Adapted and tested

Authors:, Kirill Mladshev, driver102ru, Stas556


16 thoughts on “MAN F2000 v 1.2


    1. Thank! Nice, Good for the new version. Not only adaptirovat tuning, okay.

      Mrga – This mod is not for you Troll, you’re not a squeak like a mouse!
      This mod PG group from Latvia. LOL


        Here is the original truck. As you can see, last change was in 2012/2013, and since archive is locked (further proving my point), obviously nothing was changed.

        Also learn to speak english, i did not understantd the last part..

  2. Nice truck, but after install it, all my deliveres dissaperad – now I can;t see any transport, any trailers… etx….what is wrong? Doean enybody have the same?

    1. First try to wait one or two days and let the game to change list of deliveries.

  3. For MAN F2000 modders = can you make truck can be skin & also template..TQ

  4. I was very late, but here the video it’s a full review in short video

  5. g_force_economy_reset = \1\

  6. No traffic sound in cabin and we can´t edit it

  7. Domin43PL


  8. Witam! Można prosić o hasło do archiwum .scs ? Pozdrawiam!

  9. nice model

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