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Features truck:
*His salon
*One cabin
*One chassis
*There tuning
*Spelled out in a separate slot
*For sale in the showroom MAN

stass556, Voditel102rus, SCS, by_Lexa, Voditel102rus, Kirill Mladshev, Vlad5236


12 Responses to MAN F90

  1. sheppardpat47 says:

    Hm…except remove lots of parts of the model (the large cabin in part …) and change the English names for put in Russian names I not see what you did on this mod

    • grave says:

      Agree completely ..not to say that
      * you cant sleep in the garage or 90% of gas stations
      * speedometer is not correct
      * ext ..ext…

  2. Gregoris says:

    if you have 6 or 8 speeds would be perfect

  3. jesan says:

    Standard exhaust was added and to me the high cab is still there if I can trust the videos 3 and 6

  4. JESAN says:

    Ok high cab is missing and accessory files too (error lines)

  5. Truckercharly says:

    This is an old, outdated MAN F90. The actually version is 3.01 by Truckercharly, with 3 cabs, many chassis, different interriors, cab dlc, flag dlc and adv cpl. to find here:

    • grave says:

      My dear Truckercharly,as i understood you are the one that made MAN v 3.0.1. I hope you will do bether job with MAN 2000…it would be nice to do everything like in v 3.01 but base model to be outdated MAN 90 v 1.20. If you can and know how just add DLC cabin accessory to it ,licence plates out and in the cabin ,remove that two ugly exhausts and you gona have the best MAN mod.

      • grave says:

        And no need to say that I m on MAN F90 v 1.20 playing promods 2.11…works perfectly . But i do miss some cabin accessories to be honest 🙂 and my name on licence plate 🙂

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