MAN F90 Version 3.02

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– updated on 1.27
– 3 Interiors (1 with original MAN textures and 1 luxery)
– 3 engines added (360 hp, 460 hp and 500 hp)
– 2 16 speed gearboxes
– 1 long 6×4 Chassis added
– Mercedes NG wheels added
– Cab-DLC added
– Flag DLC added
– textures in luxery cab corrected

ATTENTION: This mod must have a higher load priority than all part mods.
The gearbox_layout_doubleh.sii should be copy to the profile with the MAN F90, so you got a double-H layout for the Logitech G27.

DL SILS Interior Addons:

please dont reupload !

SCS, Voditel102rus, Kirill Mladshev, stass556, Madster, by_Lexa, Vlad5236, Truckercharly


12 thoughts on “MAN F90 Version 3.02

  1. jorgent97

    HD Test…

  2. MREnglishGamer

    test video at –>

  3. This+mod+is+good!:)+1.27.x

  4. Racz Bela

    Very nice mod, but please make the the original exhaust. Thanks

  5. fullxpert

    мод постоянно выждаёт ошибку-[d39] Index stream coonot be empty лог игры заполняется ошибками и вылет ,исправте пожайлуста.

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  7. Too many errors regarding the truck.

    1. fullxpert

      да ,верно тоже самое,потом игра грашится через 20-30 минут

  8. This mod is great! Speedometer is not 100 % correct (7-10 km/h ahead) and a 12 speed gearbox would make manually changing keys via keyboard easier, but other than that, no complains!

    In general I’d like to see a MAN F9 (preferably 22.361U) for ETS2 …

    But for now, this F90 is just perfect. 🙂

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