man-f-90-1 man-f-90-2 man-f-90-3

Tested: 1.3.1 and

Author: Standa (Sobby)


13 Responses to MAN F90

  1. kentworthw900trucker says:

    dont work for me… 🙁

    • pumpel says:


      Könnte mir mal einer einen M.A.N F2000 bauen denn man lackeren und aufbauen kann wie man möchte ???

      Währ sehr schön und net wenn das einer von euch bauen
      würde DANKE in vorraus.. ! ! !

  2. fauna2 says:

    Works great for me. Brukker Lovely truck 🙂

  3. PEDO says:

    que mierda de interior no va 🙁

  4. filip says:

    Awensome mod

  5. dorey says:

    tre beau camion fonctionne tre bien

  6. Standa says:

    I’m glad you like my truck, with regards Standa 😀

  7. Brandon says:

    where can i find this truck? does it replace any truck?

    • Michael says:

      Where could I possibly find a MAN in this game, maybe at a man dealer?

  8. Nicola says:

    Looks very great thanks so much!!
    Is it possible to make a template for it please? 🙂

  9. Craguk1 says:

    standa whats the chances that you could make a better scania 143? 🙂

  10. Craguk1 says:

    Great mod btw works for me

  11. Danko says:

    Hello. Please link to sideskirt 6X4 and 6X6 on Man F90.

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