MAN Irizar PB v 2.0


PB Irizar New edition Worden War Released before, this new edition includes:
– 10 Skins
– Not seen Corrected error lights
– Size – Corrected Mobitec
– Updated front lights
– PMG update and compatible with ETS 2 and 1.4.8 Higher
– Wheels and compatible MAN ETS2 Updated 1.4.8 and higher
– No necessity to buy his level 18
– The chassis IS raised Worden
– Contains z3d

Authors: Mago Ausgabe, Countach, Rocteh Oteb, Fernando “El Chile Triste”, Raúl Paez, Axt


13 thoughts on “MAN Irizar PB v 2.0

  1. Hi, will the AI buses get these new skins? If not, can you pls make AI skin for buses too?

  2. MAN Irizar? Sure! Why not make a Scania TGX, or a Volvo XF105 for that matter…

    1. XD!!! avant de faire des remarques de ce genre renseigne toi parce que la tu passe pour un con^^ irizar est un constructeur indépendant comme bavaria pour les camping-cars mercedes fiat ou autres.

  3. deathmonth

    where I can buy this bus?

    1. Man Dealer


    BartvHam Irizar is just a company in spain that build chassis for busses they work with Scania,Volvo,Mercedes Benz and MAN

    1. Not only in spain , we have one in morocco !

  5. it is RHD ?

  6. can i take a job with this bus mod?

    1. Sure you can, Reza, with a Passenger mod

  7. Ali Mustafa

    pthis is a fake

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