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Man Lion Coach v.2.0.1 for ETS2 – 1.31.

– Adaption to version 1.31.
I fixed the registration and the mistakes that I could. Added missing files and manifest. Clean game.log.

– Bus autonomous.
Acquired in a c MAN. Available for purchase from 0- level.

– Your interior. Instrument panel and on-board computer from MAN TGX.

– Its sound. Some sound files from Avanuel.

– Partial animation of buttons on the instrument panel (alarm button, turn signal switch,
retarder and head light switch. There is also an animation of the parking brake and wipers
windshield. The janitors are animated from the outside and from the inside, they wash rain drops and have two high-speed modes).

– 10 skins in a separate fashion, (Man Lion Coach Skin Custom Pack).

– One chassis, 4×2.

– One engine, 420 l c.

– One 6-speed manual gearbox MAN TipMatic with retarder.



– DLC Cabin Accessories.
– DLC National Window Flags.


Unfortunately, the bus does not “fasten” passengers, does not take cargo at the entrance neither backwards nor forward (perhaps it is due to far away
located dumis trailer points, I do not know …) I carried out the landing of passengers using the activated console, through
digit 0 and F9, but with self-discharge the cargo can not be delivered – you do not reach the ramp, with automatic
unloading the bus receives decent damage. I would be glad if someone corrected this, because the bus in my opinion of excellent quality and worthy of attention.
In the meantime, I recommend just putting markers on the map and enjoy driving by exploring maps … or try different ones
fashion for passengers. Tried also loads for tandems dummy – does not take, mini trailer from cars also does not take
since there is no dumise of the towbar behind.
At night, there is no highlighting of the navigator in the cabin, I do not know how to fix it.

Adaptation for 1.31 VITALIY7735

Sorry for my English.

Have a good game!

Kaptan06, Kadir Yagiz, Metehan Bilal


11 Responses to Man Lion Coach

  1. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.31…

  2. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.31…

  3. Squirrel says:

    Did you fix the glass when it was raining?

  4. medo says:

    good work, can you set seat adjustment by this it will take a prefect view

  5. Luigi says:

    Great busmod but the other traffic seems to get all kinds of colours after playing the game for a while.Maybe it,s my settings,maybe it is the mod.Otherwise it is a very good mod….Keep up the good work !!!

  6. boris says:

    hello why all buses arent compatible with my 1 ,31

  7. Park Minyeon says:

    In the 1.30 version,I found some mistakes:When I installed this MOD, the MAN dealer changed his name, nothing on the bus booth, the other trucks, and of course I couldn’t buy all the MAN trucks.Not because of money, once you click “buy”, the game will automatically exit.I still hope that you can be compatible with “passenger mod” and hope you can continue to improve. Thank you for your hard work.Sorry, the reply just accidentally added some strange symbols.

  8. Park Minyeon says:

    I hope that you can update as soon as for 1.33. I believe in your ability.

  9. Park Minyeon says:

    I hope that you can update as soon as for 1.33. I believe in your ability.
    There is a flaw: when the obstacle is passed, the chassis is often destroyed.

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