Man Lion’s Coach 1.38

– Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.38).
– High Model Quality
– Two Interior Options Are Available.
– Realistic Engine Sound Is Available. (FMOD)
– Realistic Physics Is Available.
– Driver and passenger light available.
– Its Own Rim Is Available.,
– Animated door and luggage are available.
– Front LED Signage Available With Option.
– Optional Plate Available.
– Optional steering and Slat are available.
– Passengers Are Available.
– Template Available.
– Cab is DLC compliant.

OyuncuyusBis – Harun Aras – Helvete – Metehan Bilal – İsmail Arslan – Artin Kazanciyan – Trzpro – Abdullah Zengin


9 thoughts on “Man Lion’s Coach 1.38

  1. Bis auf dem Sound ist der Mod nicht schlecht.

  2. Awesome bus !
    Btw: The left glass is too bright, rest are great :).

  3. Great mod,thx…to open the doors,open up your left window and the first Luggage door will open.To open up the passengersdoor and the second luggagedoor,use your right window.

  4. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – eski MAN Lions YOLLARDAYIZ… [1.38]

  5. Classified

    I like it, the type of chassis I like

  6. Benjie Triumpante Carillo

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