Man Lion’s Coach (1.40)

– Fixed 1.40 Version
– New Engine Sound Added
– New Horn Sound Added
– Road Noise Sound Added
– New İnterior Light Added

– Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.40).
– High Model Quality
– Two Interior Options Are Available.
– Realistic Engine Sound Is Available. (FMOD)
– Realistic Physics Is Available.
– Driver and passenger light available.
– Its Own Rim Is Available.,
– Animated door and luggage are available.
– Front LED Signage Available With Option.
– Optional Plate Available.
– Optional steering and Slat are available.
– Passengers Are Available.
– Template Available.
– Cab is DLC compliant.

Harun Aras – OyuncuyusBis – Trzpro – Helvete – İsmail Arslan – Artin Kazanciyan – Abdullah Zengin


13 thoughts on “Man Lion’s Coach (1.40)

  1. Anthony andrew winrow

    dude…### is with the ###### download links???? i have not been able to download anything you upload because of the ###### changes you made…………..go back to the old way…sharemods

  2. anyádba rejcsed el így a letöltést vírusos oldalakon át

    1. karsiyakali1912

      ne diyon mal

  3. 🤔 Looks really nice
    however I’m unable to download as it re-directs me several times.
    An easier downloadlink (which doesn’t require me to shut down all firewalls and more) is requested.

  4. Please change the download link

      1. karsiyakali1912

        vay gavad

  5. Very well made model – great driving physics, sound of the engine, tires, retarder audible from the inside. Just perfect for a carefree travels around Europe.

  6. I do like the new sound, but somehow the cab sounds a bit “outside”. For example: When it rains, you hear it falling on the street, not on the windows. And it would be good if the overall sound would be a bit softer in the interior, since it’s a bus and not a truck.

  7. Great mod request for a Fernbus #######

  8. #### mod! the download site is just a mess. DO NOT RECOMMEND

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