Man Lion’s Coach Euro 6 v2

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Lightmask added
Wiper anim added
Dashboard added
1 Cabin
1 Chassis
10 Paintjob
Opening doors with O key
Orginal Sound
Don’t re-upload

Kaptan06, Kadir Yağız, Metehan Bilal


32 thoughts on “Man Lion’s Coach Euro 6 v2

  1. HD test video 1.30…

  2. AzoraxModdingGaming

    HD Test Video 1.30:

  3. Van Der Ben

    Model By Helvete. Specify of the modeller.

  4. RiflerGamer
  5. This mod has a serious problem: it has no rearview mirrors, and when I press F2 to activate the mirror of the game throws me to the desktop. Can you fix that problem? Only in this way is it possible to drive it in ETS 2. Because without that problem is not a bad mod. On the contrary, it is well done and works perfectly.

    1. Philip002

      when you are pimping the bus you have to add your mirrors

  6. I’m sorry, it does have mirrors. You have to select them first. The problem I find now is in the fuel consumption. It seems as if the deposit is filled only every time I get out of the game.

  7. The bus looks good, drives well … but it doesn’t work with any passenger mod 🙁 ??

    1. hi blobil you can use eaa bus map for ets 1.30 with lions coach mod;)

  8. Ma come si fanno salire i passeggeri?

  9. 1.thanks for the mod
    2.please redo the color of the backlight dashboard color (green, white)not red
    3.make it possible to tune the steering wheel
    4.извиняюсь за наш с гуглом английский
    5.continue to do this bus, you are very good, thank you

  10. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here: … thanks for making this fantastic mod 😀

  11. Hey 🙁
    I’ve got the same Problem like with the old Version:
    If I want to start the game, the game crashes in the loading Screen
    same if it is the only mod in the mod Manager…
    has someone a tip, how i can fix this, because i saw much Videos, and there the mod works…

  12. Game crashed on 1.30….

  13. değerli mod yapımcısı Kadir Yağız kardeşim eline emeğine sağlık convert yapmak ve bunu v2 ye çıkarmak bile gayet güzel ben güzel buldum ancak v3 gelmesi gerekli bu yeterli değil.modu çıkarmadan önce bi test yap.Bariz hatalar var
    1.dikiz aynalarının gölgesi görünmüyor ve aynalardan bakınca aracın dışı düzgün görünmüyor
    2.navigasyonun ışıklandırılması gerekli gece çok problem çıkarıyor
    3.eğer yapabilirsen diyorum aracın motor sesi tekrar revize edilmeli.yüksek devirde motor sesi çok yüksek biraz daha derinden gelmeli daha da soft olmalı ayrıca retarder sesi koyabilirsin.Aracın kapıları açılmasada olur:) ve saat göstergesi görünmüyor
    5.yol bilgisayarının rengi bozuk.Tam beyaz renkte olmalı.Sanki ekrana yumruk atmışsında bozulmuş gibi bi havası var:)) dikkate alırsan sevinirim.İyi çalışmalar:)

  14. Try this,it worked for me.It doesn,t solve all problems but at least it won,t crash 🙂

  15. Hy can you do a man tge pleasee that van look’s amazing

  16. PlagueDoc

    For me it works well on 1.30
    I think the openable doors are kinda cool features that the ets/ats community wants to see in the future. Like opening side windows and that kind of animations.
    Very great mod, keep going workin on it! 🙂

    1. comment ouvrir les portes ? j’ai essayer la touche O mais pas d’ouverture ? merci d’avance sinon excellent mod !!!!

  17. Thanks for uploading this mod, I’ve been looking for a Lion’s Coach for a while now. Only found outdated mods. Again, thanks a lot!

  18. Blobil u can use eaa bus map for ets 1.30 with lions coach mod;)

  19. No sound of the blinkers in the cabin.. is there a fix for that ?

  20. Fatih ÖKSÜZOĞLU
  21. LucyLuuBoo

    works beautiuflly but please fix the windscreen when raining the inside cabin glass all around is broken please fix and i will donate it’s the only problem i found :'(


  23. wie+kann+man+die+tueren+wieder+schliessen?


  25. indirme de ağ hatası verıyor.Virüs mü var dosya da ?

  26. Please make version 3 for 1.31. And add Flixbus and Eurolines skins on pack.

  27. Corse Grinder

    I can’t find the bus at the MAN dealer.

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