MAN Model Euro 2013 6 Standard Finishes Pack 3/3

man-modell-2013-euro-6-stanardlackierungen-pack3-36 man-modell-2013-euro-6-stanardlackierungen-pack3-35

Here is the 3 pack of 3. Here are two Stanard paint coatings: Night Blue und Crystall White

3D Model: Mr.Green
Convert: Petrik
Paint: by ManuBe 1998


6 thoughts on “MAN Model Euro 2013 6 Standard Finishes Pack 3/3

  1. Unbelievable… If it is possible to add two colours, it must be possible to add 6. Without having to make 3 different mods for it…

  2. I bet size.. he upload mods to site where is mediafire 200mb…thats why 3 different mod.

  3. Maybe the model is almost 160mb. The files needed for 1 color should be no bigger than 1 mb.

    I think the original comes with two colours, and the maker of this recolour does not know how to add standalone skins 😉

  4. Hy is that possible to put MAN Model Euro 2013 6 Standard Finishes Pack 1/3;2/3 and 3/3 pack in one folder if can put so large file in up to can download

  5. ManuBe1998

    I wanted it to be in a pack, but the paint file is mapped incorrectly and there kan you drive around just only with a paint job!

  6. painted cab
    insert, bodypaint01.dif.mat to vehicle-truck-man_tgx folder

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