MAN Paintjob

MAN-Paintjob-1 MAN-Paintjob-2

Paintjob for MAN Truck

Author: Gaming_Thipje


3 thoughts on “MAN Paintjob

  1. Gaming_Thipje

    I added some more information in the description, however it somehow got erased. Here is it anyways:

    – The paintjob is fully customizable with 3 different colors.
    – The paintjob replaces the SADE paintjob at the paint shop/upgrade garage.

    Hope you enjoy the skin 🙂


    This mod works well with the JAZZYCAT Military Cargo MOD pack.

    1. crashingbill001

      Sorry, looks good, but doesn’t work at all

      1. Gaming_Thipje

        It replaces the SADE paintjob. It does add a new custom paintjob to the upgrade store.

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