MAN Performance Pack


A new modpack which:
– 5 new engines, which expand the range of engines up (Normal Engines: 800, 900, and 1000 ps racing engines: 1200 and 1700 ps)
– A racing gear (from the Rennpackmod, suitable for the 1,700 and the 1,200 hp motor)
– The two great motors have the performance, which also has a real race truck engine. The other three are only expand the engine range.

Author: Ischunddu84


6 thoughts on “MAN Performance Pack

  1. can you only unreal mods create? you are very bad you noob

  2. szetland1971

    why not with a jet engine.
    NFS is not

    1. ahaha +1
      sum people like him just a childish modder that doesnt know what SIMULATOR is

  3. let the little kiddies play
    let Ischunddu84 playing her own game

    unnecessary Mod for kiddies <4 years

  4. RIP grammar 🙁

  5. thank u for this mods

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