Custom 4×2 chassis (wider front track, removal of anti-rollback stops for custom rear bumpers);
Special interior for GM and GX;
Individual seats, black alcantara;
Custom side skirts, including dual exhaust (return to the old style TGX V8);
2 sets of mirrors with indicators (paint and carbon fiber);
Carbon fiber side and front mirror;
Sets of highly detailed audio signals for GM and GX cabs (fully chrome-plated and painted inside);
Lightboxes for GM and GX cabins (4 versions each, 2 RLP logos, 2 customized for your logos);
Several carbon parts (MAN logo, radiator grille, door handles and a few more);
3 types of crossbars, chrome-plated and painted;
3 mudguards (Go in Style, Truck Junkie, one custom MAN Bussing);
3 stickers on the front window;
2 non-standard steering wheels;
3 racks for trailer cables;
Eyelids of the “bad look”;
3 sets of inserts on the grille;
2 grilles (glossy with slits, the same as the chrome background for the Carbon MAN logo);
3 rear bumpers, including 3 sets of taillights (headlights 1 and 2 for bumper 1 and 2, lights 3 for bumper 3);
GX spoiler with halogen and LED headlights, GM flat spoiler with halogen and LED headlights;
5 visors (1 custom painted, 4 elongated individual visors, all with a suitable interior model);
3 colors of the skin shown (gray, yellow and green);
The ability to customize skins for colored parts (including UV maps, work with the acc_list method!);
Two presets in the truck mod store;
All AO parts are baked.

Will work with any TGX GM/GX on multiple chassis, except for exclusive parts for a custom 4×2 chassis.

Raffles, NielReyes, qhostKinq


2 thoughts on “MAN TG3 TGX RLP Edition

  1. don’t download fake texture missing and it will give you pink texture on the truck

  2. Wo fine ich den Lie Lightboxen? Bzw unter was?

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