Man TGA 18.390


Authors: Truck:. Danz; Details: SCS, Danz, etc.; Sounds:?; Wheels: Ventures87; Refinement Fashion: H @ MSTER; ETS2-timoxa72 envelope, by_maz_man;
Replaces: DAF;
Salon: DAF;
There few cab variants, frames.


6 Responses to Man TGA 18.390

  1. viper21 says:

    yes yes the download site is in russian! super! 🙁

    • Pjotr says:

      It’s still easy to download.
      Just insert that code and press da green button.

      • viper21 says:

        yes thanks, but the truck doesn’t work only the the wheels. i have 1.2.5 version of the game… 🙁

  2. admin says:

    It’s working with 1.1.3

  3. hex says:

    Works for me, but it has bugs, and the chassis textures are too low quality compared to the standard ETS2 trucks. It’s a real pity that trucks like this dont get properly finished when it’s obvious a lot of work has gone into making them at all, but sadly it’s the case with most addon trucks for ETS2, so far.

  4. mikidriver says:

    Can you just change front bumper and front gril of TGX verson and make TGA? Don’t change for example the door, because the TGA and TGX in real looks from side the same. If you just change the front parts of TGX in TGA you keep the quality of chasis and textures. Sorry for bad english i hope you understand me.

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