MAN TGA 18.440 Euro 5 + Interior edit by Rafał

MAN-TGA-18.440-Euro-5-1 MAN-TGA-18.440-Euro-5-2 MAN-TGA-18.440-Euro-5-3

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The model adapted to the newest version of the game
The prohibition of changing the link
Enjoy playing

Author: Rafał


7 thoughts on “MAN TGA 18.440 Euro 5 + Interior edit by Rafał

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Video from 13.11.2014
    reupload ?!?!!?!?!

    1. Nope

    2. SpevanJebacOdMalena

      Jebo sam te mater u picku spokojsku 1

  2. Video HD. Tested on 1.21.1

  3. please tell me that all the objects in the interior are optional! and not just there whether we like it or not

    1. hi ! objects aren’t optional… this tck have nt tuning, not XL XLX cab ect, one chassis, remplace ALL the Man trucs…

  4. download link dead

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