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Standlone truck with tuning, AO textures, interior, sound, wheels, lightmask, anims.
Tested 1.12.1.s version.

Ostry_Zabrze, BalczaK, Ventyres, HotRacer, Maks.I Abshabdul, Danz, By Ant457


7 Responses to MAN TGA

  1. Darren says:

    nice try . no offence but it is a terrible mod :-/ iv watched the video and hardly any of the tuning options FIT the truck. lazyness if you ask me, you should made sure everything WORKED with the truck.

    no disrespect but im just being honest

  2. ROX says:

    Just Another SHITWARE !!!

  3. Belarus says:

    Bad MAN.

  4. Lada2105 says:

    Well, That’s not the right interior, The dashboard is original, But the steering wheel? That’s a TGX Steering wheel…

  5. fodor.akos9911 says:

    link for this wheels

  6. fodor.akos9911 says:

    link to the wheels?

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