MAN TGA Grand Transporti Skin Replica

Truck: MAN TGA
Company: Grand Transporti
Country: Bosnia & Hercegovina
-Realistic and high resolution 4K Grand Transporti textures
-Realistic UI Workshop icon
-Including Manifest
-Metalic Skin Option
-Made in coorporation with Grand Transporti
-Bosnia & Hercegovina Licenc Plate (In Countryplate Slot)
-Works best with latest MADster MAN TGA Mod
-1.26.x Tested

For Mod requests and questions:
Our work is under Creative Commons Licence
Alteration is permitted distribution is permitted with indication of
The author and the original link to Sharemods.

GamerHacker, MADster


2 thoughts on “MAN TGA Grand Transporti Skin Replica

  1. I wanted to ask a question,
    What it means: Creative Commons License?
    how can I do to even have it I?

  2. ChrisTrucker

    is there a Trailer for the skin?

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