MAN TGA v2.0


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Man Tga V2.
– adapted v1.22
– Bake 4k,
– Tuning.
– Sounds.
– Wheels.
but who wants to-finish it. Maybe I’ll do 1/2 of renovation, but the closer to summer.
Those who buy it, write-ladies in replacement daf.
Game Version 1.22
Author: Ostry_Zabrze, BalczaK, Ventyres, HotRacer, Maks.I, Abshabdul,Andrey115

Ostry_Zabrze, BalczaK, Ventyres, HotRacer, Maks.I, Abshabdul,Andrey115

DOWNLOAD 189 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 189 MB [Uploadfiles]

6 thoughts on “MAN TGA v2.0

  1. Mr.GermanTruck
  2. Guys, this #### im sad now!

  3. Can you fix for Dlc cabine ?

  4. Euro 6 TGX driver

    i’ll stick to MADster’s TGA mod, at least he can update it and do a much better interior with proper steering, proper dashboard computer and also more tuning options. honestly, any one who wants MAN mods, go to MADster

  5. Westheimer

    I ask you do not be lazy!!! And finish this wonderful mod!!! And yet, that I Very disappointed :((((

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