MAN TGL 12.240 edit


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Test on Version 1.16.x

cabin higher, the ark curtain, I changed the wheel, corrected shadow, made skin, gay signs removed, corrected that no navi shines through the glass, Poland registration, mirrors in plastic.
I want to edit: the engine for 240km, brighten the interior, because it is in the dark as in d …, bumpers side move from a blend of strokes on the globe, in the distant future to do a tandem trailer.

gts convert ETS2 made Niksarlı
is responsible for the interior MojżeszEK
for the rest of the Diablo
ETS2 converter corresponds Niksarlı
for interior MojżeszEK
Other treatment Diablo


5 Responses to MAN TGL 12.240 edit

  1. Hauser says:

    I like.
    If could bring towing it would be magnificent mod.:)

  2. wtf says:

    I’d love it with some load or a trailer :p

  3. coco45 says:

    It is compatible with tandem trailers ? Thank you.

  4. Kamil45 says:

    view of the interior is very high 🙁

  5. Kenseth says:

    please update work in 1.27! 🙂

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