MAN TGL 12.240 + Tandem Wielton 6t


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Test on Version 1.16
MAN TGL 12.240 + Tandem Wielton 6t
Trailer replace “Overweight”
Select Overweight trailer and then appears Tandem Trailer. If not ripen on the trailer agree then save game and play stood Reload

SCS, Kudlaty, Niksarlı, Diablo


11 Responses to MAN TGL 12.240 + Tandem Wielton 6t

  1. deineMudda says:

    wow! looks awesome 😀

  2. vlad_ivzh says:

    все-таки довели до ума, молодцы авторы

  3. stephen says:

    ok is it me or when you put this truck into your mod folder and start the game you get a man truck with small wheels but not the lorry in the picture

  4. BahamutX says:

    so does the rear trailer show up on the quick jobs list?if it does is there anyway to stop it showing up on quick jobs list?

    • radow35 says:

      for me don’t work the trailer! apear in game bat when atach the trailer its wrong… please make this bug and fix the trailer! the mod its verry good!

  5. robotfool228 says:

    There is missing textures for the trailer. Some one fix please?

  6. robotfool228 says:

    there is missing texture on trailer. someone fix?

  7. Pannickus says:

    can you make this same mod for 1.18.x?


  8. Kenseth says:

    please update for in 1.27!

  9. Kenseth says:

    please make it for working and update!

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