MAN TGS 18.440 tandem v2.2


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Testers (big thanks):
Alex Budaev
Alex Safonov
Georgy Baramidze
Vladimir Rossol
Vladimir Kurochkin
Dmitry Romkin
What`s new:
4 new cabins (+interiors)
Tractor as variant of chassis
White color of body (not “magnit”)
Interiors with steering wheel from TGX
Bugs are fixed
All textures are baked
NEW working physix for Tandem
Definition for trailers

Authors: jon-ruda, mladshev73, Versetti, Panther, Dalnoboishik, goba6372, DANZ, SCS


2 thoughts on “MAN TGS 18.440 tandem v2.2

  1. Три проблемы. 1) Когда ставишь шасси 4/2 ось не опускается. 2) Грузовик дергается. 3) Мало тюнинга.
    Three problems. 1) When you put the chassis 4/2 the axis doesn’t fall. 2) The truck twitches. 3) It isn’t enough tuning.

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