MAN TGS 18.440 tandem v2.3


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Testers (big thanks):
Alex Budaev
Alex Safonov
Georgy Baramidze
Vladimir Rossol
Vladimir Kurochkin
Dmitry Romkin
What`s new:
4 new cabins (+interiors)
Tractor as variant of chassis
White color of body (not “magnit”)
Interiors with steering wheel from TGX
Bugs are fixed
All textures are baked
NEW working physix for Tandem
Definition for trailers

eliminated the shaking of the front axle

Authors: jon-ruda, mladshev73, Versetti, Panther, Dalnoboishik, goba6372, DANZ, SCS, Alexander Grigoriev.


9 Responses to MAN TGS 18.440 tandem v2.3

  1. @dr_jaymz says:

    nice front wheels, can we have the link?

  2. robotfool123 says:

    How do you install it from folders? I am used to installing it from the .scs file.

    • sasha03091999 says:

      the downloaded rar folder mods to throw

      • Feargal says:

        Your answer to the question doesn’t make sense… ‘mods to throw’??? How do we install the mod from the folder?

      • Geatstik88 says:

        There is no .rar file. It downloads as a folder! I tried compressing the folder to a .zip but the mod doesn’t work.

    • Troi says:

      You just have to put the .rar file to the mods folder and it’ll work fine

  3. sarunas1100 says:

    are this mod works on the game virsion 1.16.2??? 🙂

    • ExcavatorMAN says:

      This mod isn’t working properly on the latest version of the game ( The texture resolution is very poor and the colours don’t render correctly (black parts of trailer are white). Please fix this, as it’s a fantastic mod. Thank you!

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