MAN TGS Euro 6 for Harsh Russian

This truck is a normal fashion by MADster only processing for harsh Russian

– Increased ground clearance
– Colits removed from bumpers and bottoms

Can be taken for other maps

MADster, AntVan


3 thoughts on “MAN TGS Euro 6 for Harsh Russian

  1. BomberMan-LV

    Mr.GermanDumbArse, do you ever read the description? It says clearly, Madsters mod with increased ground clearance and removed colisions! These two things where edited by AntVan, and nothing else has been touched.

  2. Not bad truck but somehow in cabin view steering wheel is a little bit off the position (little bit on the right side) where it should be. For UK style it’s ok and fit well but this “shape off” is only for standard steering wheel side. I have no other mods in Man dealer and I use regular SCS Man TGX’s so I doubt that they can conflict with this mod. Or maybe somebody knows how to fix this?

  3. What about releasing just an addon instead of reuploading the whole mod? Also who gave you any rights to edit it?

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