MAN TGX 18,680 XXL with interior


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Author: Standa, interior Posiada


5 Responses to MAN TGX 18,680 XXL with interior

  1. Benny BB says:

    does it work for anyone… does’nt work for me 🙁

  2. ELRIC says:

    A decent enough looking truck,On its own,,
    ditch the complete crap interiour and its alright..

  3. jimdurst says:

    can you make this interior for the scania trucks aswell

    it would be so cool

  4. fritsthetrucker says:

    it looks badass good…too bad it doesn’t work.I don’t know what’s wrong because it doesn’t work evn if i have no other mods than this one in my mod folder….

  5. Levente says:

    Nice mod!

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