MAN TGX 2010 v 3.5 by XBS

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version: 3.5
Standalone trucks, Sold in MAN Dealer shop.
Basic model SCS Software.
No details from other games or mods.
All additional details created in the 3d editor for this truck.
version ETS2 Not lower than 1.27

Please do not change the original download link.

What’s new in version 3.5
Added: Crane Paint (Now the crane can be painted in the color of the truck).
Added: Vertical Exhaust (chassis 8×4/4).
Added: Two sideskirt for chassis 8×4 (plate and cage).
Added: New tow hitches for chassis with crane (bumper heavy duty).
Added: Front sign (OVERSIZE LOAD).
Fixed: Dependence on the default door handles (At the request of users)
Fixed: Brightness of dashboard indicators.

All changes can be seen in the file /mod_description.txt/.



35 thoughts on “MAN TGX 2010 v 3.5 by XBS

  1. great but fix the retro red light on the nav and fix the green range indicator on the RPM indicator…with the light on are all red!!!

    1. Still not in Truck-Browser. Can you fix it please. 🙂

    2. Ride from God:)

  2. Spectacular XBS! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks!

  3. JMpower85

    Many thanks!!!

    Good work!

    1. Thanks!

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

    1. Wo hast du die Off Road Lights her die du da als Drehleuchten verwendest? Ich such mir da schon die Finger wund, find die aber nirgends.

      1. Mr.GermanTruck

        schreib mich mal via Facebook oder YouTube mail an dann sende ich dir den Link

  5. Ivan Borges

    Why rar file and not scs

    1. its compressed trigger 😉

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  7. Thank you very much! Great work!

    1. Thanks!

  8. XxxSCANIA{PL}###

    whether you do such fried tunic for SCANIA???

    1. Scania already has a good tuning.

  9. Is there a template person ?

  10. Well done but once again i´m missing the posibility to use all DLC-items like the co Driver or the DLC-table. Also i cant place a CB-Radio as hanging object. Please be so kind and unlock the useablility of all DLC´s so they can be attached on the truck.

    1. DLC from SCS (All are supported).
      From modders (The question is not at the address).

  11. Yes, what Thomas says is right.
    And: fix Truckbrowser please , and we need a Template for the Truck and Spoilers, etc.

  12. Hello+XBS.
    Not+only+from+SCS+please.+There+are+a+lot+of+Items+from+other+Interiors+i+normaly+use+to+make+the+Truck+more+real.+Like+a+Coffeemaker+etc.+All+that+are+Items+from+other+mods+i+normaly+can+use+on+other+MAN´s+but+not+on+your´[email protected]/sets/72157678362382003+on+the+last+3+Pictures+when+you+scroll+down.

  13. Limbugrtrucker

    Hi Awesome mod Maybe an idea to add some dutch style bumpers, I would love that and it would be a unique idea

    1. Which means /dutch style bumpers/ .You have an image

  14. HenriqueSantos

    Hello XBS, you ok?
    I’ve been using your template since the previous version. 3.4
    I would like to request (if possible, of course), you provide the painting mapping. I have the ability to do it, but if you can provide me and others peoples we will thank you, as we will save precious editing time.

    1. Template with default MAN TGX 🙂
      If you want you can do it, but it already was.

      1. HenriqueSantos

        Oh, ok, very, very thanks 🙂

  15. version V 1.23 work?

  16. Great work, just one question: Do skins for the regular MAN work as well/ do you have a skin pack for that beautiful machine?

  17. For some reason your truck has a boxy fake shadow. Is that a known bug?

  18. chris philippart

    very good work men but have you olso the template to douwnloud i want my skin on it

  19. hi can you pls update to 1.38

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