MAN TGX 2010 v 4.6 by XBS

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version: 4.6
Standalone trucks, Sold in MAN Dealer shop.
version ETS2 1.28

The current version of the mod and its discussion:

What’s new in version 4.6
Added: New BDF Trailers (Schwarzmüller Tank 2-axle with trolley).
Added: New chassis BDF Rigid with Tank -(Schwarzmüller Aluminium tank body for 3A truck – side-mounted cabinet – 19,500 l).
Fixed: Changed UV map template trailer and Containers Krone.

1) Replace skin for trailer and Tank Schwarzmüller
(man_tgx_2010_schwarzmuller_tank.scs //vehicle/trailer_eu/schwarzmueller_tank/

2) Replace skin for trailer KRONE BDF
(man_tgx_2010_BDF_krone.scs //vehicle/trailer_eu/krone_azw18_bdf/
( //vehicle/trailer_eu/krone_azw18_bdf/

3) Replace skin for trailer Pacton S-Line
(man_tgx_2010_BDF_pacton.scs //vehicle/trailer_eu/pacton_fla_10_20/

4) Replace skin for trailer and container
(man_tgx_2010_BDF_longliner.scs //vehicle/truck/upgrade/container/

5) Replace skin for Long trailer:
(man_tgx_2010_BDF_muller.scs //vehicle/trailer_eu/schwarzmuller/

6) To make your license plate on the Front Grill Guard,
replace the textures (model/l_plate/
and normal map model/l_plate/

7) Sun visor with text (Your text: replaced texture //model/sunvisor_text/, Do not forget about the alpha channel).

All changes can be seen in the file /mod_description.txt/.

Unpack the archive into a folder /MOD/



12 thoughts on “MAN TGX 2010 v 4.6 by XBS

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  2. PolishDriverTruck
    Why do your test here in the comments tedious, when the test video is made as the mods from the author and in the header there is a detailed video review!!?
    You’re one of some funny freaks on this site, you already know that!?
    Are you crazy or crazy sick son of a pole who lost his mind on the Internet and does not know the good life you’re here whining all day and night.

    My condolences to your parents… lol xD

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      do you have any problem?

    2. PolishdriverTrucker

      Polska 4 life 😛
      im best youtuber

  3. Klains, there is a lot of good test videos, each channel has a different point of view, and sometimes one show what the other dont. We all love the test videos. And its a job aswell, some channels have a good incoming. Its not a kid play.

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      thank you

  4. PLEASE do not insult each other, everyone does what he likes.

  5. when I select chassis with tank game crashed !! 🙁

  6. reggaerumley

    Could you please make the RHD for UK?

    Your mods is awesome!

  7. schlesiermike


  8. Klains and Keith should get themselves married and file a divorce on each other. Of course, Klains whine worse than Keith because he never succeeded in school.

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