MAN TGX 2010 v3.3

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MAN TGX 2010
version: 3.3
Standalone trucks, Sold in MAN Dealer shop.
version ETS2 1.27

What’s new in version 3.3
Added: Animation button alarm.
Added: Animation parking brake stick.
Added: Painted rear fender 4×2 chassis.
Added: Two new front grills.
Added: For chassis 8×4 bumper (heavy duty).
Added: Tow hitches for bumper (heavy duty).
Added: Sign “Convoi exceptionnel”.
Added: Flags for chassis 8×4 oversize load.
Added: Additional slots for the front mask.
Fixed small flaws.



14 thoughts on “MAN TGX 2010 v3.3

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. You have already done a great job again. Thank you for your work

  3. TheOldMan

    FAKE!!! Mod stolen to Roadhunter

    Roadhunter´s MAN TGX:×4-10×4-v8-1/

    1. You are a piece of ####, open mod and see –
      there is not one detail not taken from other mods.

  4. HessenGamer

    Hi, It’s a very good Truck but i miss the right Template of this Truck
    and the back fender must be painteble.

    nice greetings 🙂

    1. HessenGamer

      Sorry i mean *paintable 😀

      1. HessenGamer

        Hi again, ok the last what i said i take it back, in the new version the back fender is already paintable, thanks 🙂

        nice greetings 🙂

  5. XBS did you remember the rear bumper on the other chassis? In the last version, you could only have your extra bumper/lights on 4×2 chassis.

  6. Спасибо авторам за грузовик,отличный Ман получился!Продолжайте в том же направлении!

  7. Stunning! Thanks for this. If I could make a humble suggestion> next update you could do its own set of heavy duty wheels and rims for the 8×4 chassis and new sound too.
    Congrats and cheers XBS.

  8. Here are some Problems i found during a first Test.
    I cant use:
    My own Painting like Felbermayr, a lot of Standard DLC Cabin Accessory – Addons and other Cabin Equipment like a CB-Radio on the Attachpoint “hanging Items”.
    It would be nice to get:
    Curtains, Side Curtains and a Blanket, the Possibility to add more Signs on Front like the German Sign “Schwertransport”.
    If you could fix that during the next Updates it would be very nice.

  9. Hello, i have a question, please can you make it possible that the “frontintake” separate paintable. 🙂


  10. ErdemOzturk

    ETS2 Tested Version 1.27 HD 1080p Video

  11. chris philippart

    doe you heve the templates for this truck

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