Man TGX 2022 Apple CarPlay

Version 1.0.0
CarPlay menu texture updated

You have to bind “Infotainment Display Mode” to switch the screens !!

– GPS with Waze Navigation
– Dashboard with GPS
– Spotify App
– Phone App
– Working Clock on Overlay
– Working ETA on Dashboard and GPS
– Texture: Ku3rb1s

Works with 1.47x



9 thoughts on “Man TGX 2022 Apple CarPlay

  1. gkvfjx gaming

    steam workshop add on upload please

  2. gkvfjx gaming

    steam workshop add on mod upload please

  3. Belsy Khubayi


    Nice mod, I can’t download because of the virus. Can you pls give another link?

    1. Hello, thank you for your interest, I always upload my mod to virus total before sharing, if you want to examine virus total

  4. Hi,
    1. there is no virus
    2. nice mod, but the speed limit and the driven distance is not shown correctly on the gps. Could you please fix this?

    1. Thank you for reporting the bug, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

  5. How to turn it on I activated it and I don’t have only half the screen like in the video?

    1. To change screens
      The screens change after you need to assign the “Information and Entertainment” key from the key assignments.

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