– Dealer MAN
– Interiors
– Tuning
– Sounds
– Test 1.30

I add new tuning & fixed small bugs
Respect my link

Nik59rus, tuning- aldimator


7 Responses to MAN TGX

  1. Pincher says:

    Poor russian beggar collects money for old age fake mods P (aldimator sharemods)
    To suspend us laugh, clown

  2. Klains says:

    Full range of works owned by MADster
    This is stolen mod
    Not download with this link!

    • Miss Banana says:

      ha-ha:) Steal the model from another game is now called the “Full range of works”. ha-ha:)

  3. Kevin says:


    have someone a link for the Trailer?

    Because it´s a old german Company from my hometown.


  4. something says:

    long time since i have a seen an russian mod

  5. dvojinov says:

    wtf is that FOG effect inside cabin ???

    • TRUCKER says:

      This is the blood from the eyes of the user who downloaded this mod !!!

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