MAN TGX B&Q Home Delivery Tandem


B&Q Home Delivery Skin for MAN TGX Truck with Tandem Trailer

Author: Kye Gulliford


4 thoughts on “MAN TGX B&Q Home Delivery Tandem

  1. rubberduck

    Hmmm after Activating the Mod have i no Jobs in the List .

  2. I trust that the tandem mods, I think they were up to 19 at least, should work with this and with those they have the loads built into them. I will check it out though and get back

  3. Fot using the tandem you have to start a new game

  4. Kye gulliford

    J220 When i used the mod and the skin i didnt have to start a new game it should work on your normal game save 🙂

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