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Mod was done with an emphasis on creating comfort in the cab of the truck. The main part of this fashion accessories (curtains, banners, and much more) which are separate tuning on all 3 cabins (left rudder).
Also small adjustments external and internal models of the interior.
The sound of the engine taken from the Iveco Hi-Way, I think it is more appropriate than the default from Mercedes (who doesn’t like can easily be removed).

What added (made) on external models:

Suspension of the truck is made below.
Added fog lights (just dummies).
Corrected default Litmash.
Added front (front mirror) and lateral (side mirror) mirrors in body color.
Added factory visor in body color.
Added spoiler on the XL cab (cab XLX).
Two variants of moldings bumpers: body-color and chrome (it is necessary to put the purchase).
Added a new plate of the driver (by default there is an inscription MAN TGX) (can paratextual for themselves).(also added the template file “driverplate.psd texturally under German license plates, it on a text layer, you can write his name). Dummies plates moved in the centre of lobongo glass plates partner no.
Added mud flaps (2 species).
Added slots for plates L,S,G,TIR.
The top glass on the cab XXL (above the doors) toned almost zero; frontal and side zip pocket wit glass lightly toned (factory green tint) (in the model interior too).
Small adjustments of the external model of beauty.
What added (made) in the model interior:
Added default model mirrors from PBX options: plastic, paint, chrome.
Changed the texture of the seats in an exclusive beauty and the phone will affect the texture of beauty DAF XF105) .

Tested 1.16.2

SCS, knox_xss, Matthias, ton


10 thoughts on “MAN TGX by TON

  1. video ??

  2. Mr.GermanTruck
  3. Nice,Nice,Nice,thank you!

  4. Angyalfoldi

    Good job. Thank you 🙂

  5. very good mod! but you could remove sound engine and paint 6×4 sideskirts?

  6. Good job!! In next version can you modifi the front and rear light, side skirt for all chassi and more parts ???

  7. Can you raise front wheeels it is too low

  8. anyone tested version 1.13?

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